BVC Visuals Pack Season 1 | 24 4K Videos | H.264 | Live Wallpapers, VJ Loops and Background videos

B I G  V I S U A L  C H I L L 
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The season 1 collection of Big Visual Chill is here! The collection of everything Big Visual Chill has to offer in one pack you save over 30%

4K Resolution | H.264 codec

These are perfect for relaxation, meditation, or added ambiance for your party. They can be used for a video wallpaper, screensaver or visual background.

You can see preview videos of all the included files here

Cave of Light

Chrome Serpents

Crystal Fractal

Cube Grid

Floating Glass Orbs

Fracture Sphere

Glass Spheres & Embers

Hyperspace Particles 2

Ivory Fractal

Light Wires

Marshmallow Fractal

Mechanized Fractal

Melting Sphere

Metal & Gold Skulls

Mobius Fractal

Nebula Particles

Orb Flow

Rorschach Fractal


Skull & Embers 

Space Anemone




Works great with Lively Wallpaper -

All animations by Big Visual Chill are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

They may not be redistributed, or submitted to a shared platform or library. They can be used for broadcast, streaming or other commercial purposes, as long as proper attribution is given to Big Visual Chill.

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